Nature’s Way Pet Clinic is an Alternative Animal Health clinic & homeopathic pharmacy focused solely on the Vitality and Well-being of your pets.

Online consultations are available and health products can be ordered and delivered right to your doorstep.

The Pet Pathics Product Range

The Pet Pathics exclusive Natural Pet Products line is a herbal, homeopathic, unani, and naturopathic combination line. Pet Pathics Products are 100% natural, top quality sourced, preservative, pesticide & alcohol free, vet approved range. We have been helping pets live healthier for more than 10 years.

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Monkeys, Birds, Rodent & Rabbits.

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About Us

Nature’s Way Alternative Pet Clinic believes in “Giving a Voice to the Voiceless”. Dr. Christine Viljoen has been working with animals for well over 26 years and has spent the last 10 years perfecting her products. The Pet Pathics range has been tried and tested by thousands of loyal customers to make their beloved pets as happy and healthy as they possibly can, ensuring their pets live a long and happy life.

Are you struggling to find natural health solutions for your animal friends?
There’s alternative solutions or options like Homeopathy and Naturopathy that can help your friend get healthy again. With Integrative medicine, we can find health solutions where conventional systems don’t seem to work.

Dr. Viljoen is also available for consultations through our exclusive MediPet Helpline. This is a free service we offer to all our valuable customers. To make use of this facility, all members need to register on our portal. Don’t worry, it’s free! So please, feel free and subscribe now.

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